An Encounter on the Nude Beach: Noncon Erotica

Reading Time: 8 minutes

This erotic story contains themes of nonconsent, reluctance, and slurs against trans people. This is not an endorsement of non-consensual sexual activity or hate speech, but a work of fantasy and fiction.

Today was the day. I pulled up to the 12th pier at the beach, nervously taking stock of the cars parked around me, trying to assess the personality of their owners. As far as I could tell, it seemed like a lot of decent, normal people. This had been a dream of mine for a while, and I didn’t want any assholes fucking it up.

Grabbing just my towel and a water bottle, I walked onto the beach, then headed north to the unofficial nude beach. I’d been tons of times when I was in college, but not since I transitioned and had top surgery. Finally, I was walking on the beach with no shirt, my flat chest warming in the sunlight.

About ten minutes later, I’d almost dozed off on my towel when I heard a few people walking up. I kept my eyes closed and my legs together, hoping that they wouldn’t notice me. From the shuffling of the sand, I could hear them stop about ten feet away. 

One man whispered gruffly to his friend “Woah, that dude’s dick must be tiny! I’m lookin’ right at his crotch and I don’t see a thing!” My cheeks burned, but I continued to feign sleep. His friend whispered back “Hey, he’s asleep, let’s see if I can snap a picture of his microdick, maybe make Kurt feel better about his one-incher!” They stifled laughter and moved towards me, settling at my feet.

“Okay, just get his legs apart so I can get it all in the shot.” I tensed up, not knowing what to do as the gruff stranger spread my knees. “What…Woah! This dude has a cunt!” the amateur photographer said, forgetting to whisper. “This must be one of those fucking trannies.” I internally winced hearing the slur, and weighing my options, I figured they would wander off soon, and I would book it back to the car.

“Fuck dude, a guy with a cunt? That’s pretty weird…” I heard the second one shift, moving closer to me, and then a click. A shutter noise? “Fuuuck, that’s a great looking cunt though,” the first friend said. “Nice an’ shaved, fat little clit. I could suck on that fucker for hours, ya know?”

“Yeah, you like that cunt so much, fuckin’ taste it!” 

“What the fuck dude, that’s so gay!” 

“Nah man, it’s *cunt.* Lickin’ a cunt is never gay.”

“…what if he freaks out?”

“He’s at pier thirteen with his cunt out – Half the people come here to hook up anyways.”

“Okay, okay, just… back up a little bit and keep on the lookout in case it goes bad. I don’t know about this.”

“Dude, you’re fucking hard. You fucking want that cunt, don’t you?”

Unable to escape, I attempted to subtly close my legs as if it was a movement in my sleep. The friend with the phone jogged closer to the parking lot, and a few moments later, his cunt-hungry friend had his hands on my knees again, slowly spreading them. I let him move me like a rag doll. As much as I didn’t want to be touched by a rando, my pussy being examined was always a turn on. My hormone-enhanced clit had been slowly getting hard starting from the word “suck” onward. I held my breath in anticipation.

I heard the stranger crawl onto my towel and knelt between my legs. For a few moments, I had no idea where he was, so when I felt an exhale on my exposed cunt, I gasped. “Oh, you like that, don’t you?” he said, all doubt leaving his voice at once. “I bet you came out here wanting guys to look at your fat clit, huh?” A quick lick with the tip of his tongue made me gasp girlishly. “Or what would you want me to call it? Your dick? This is the most pathetic dick I’ve ever seen.” 

I tried to scramble away, but he pinned my thighs apart. He dove his face into my cunt and started to lick urgently. “You like that, don’t you, you little tranny bitch?” he shouted at me, licking my engorged clit. “You just needed someone to come put your boycunt to good use, huh? Maybe I need to fuck you to show you how your cunt ought to be used!”

Smacking him hard, I pushed myself up and started to run south towards the family beach, towards safety. I made it about six feet before I was tackled. In my fear, I had forgotten his friend with the camera, whose erection was now poking my side as he pinned me in the sand. Gruff friend rushed over, pinning my hands to allow camera friend to arrange himself between my legs. 

“Mmm, that cunt is nice and juicy. Are you sure you didn’t make her… him… it! Make it cum yet?” He was sliding the head of his cock along the smooth slit of my cunt. “You like it when I rub my dick against your ‘dick,’ little cuntboy?” he asked, tracing circles about my cock. His was average, but I have to admit, even as hard as it was in the moment, mine is only about an inch hard. The comparison between his cock and mine sent a shiver of arousal through my body. I felt totally dominated at that moment.

With the head of his hard cock at the entrance to my soaking cunt, the three of us watched closely. I waited with fear and surrender in my eyes, one arm held down by the gruff guy and my legs spread uncomfortably apart by his accomplice. My engorged little dick glistened with my wetness in the summer sun as I turned my head away, my cheek dusted with warm sand.

The gruff friend shifted onto his side, holding my arm in place with his body weight. With his left hand, he grabbed my hair and forced me to watch. “Yeah, watch him rape you, little bitch. I bet this is what you wanted with your tranny cunt out for everyone!” Reaching down to grip his thick cock with his right hand, he said, more to himself than me, “Yeah, it fucking wants this. Mmm, look at that wet pussy.” He began stroking his cock with an intense need.

The man between my legs was taking his sweet time teasing the entrance to my cunt with his cockhead. I could tell that he was specifically angling his body so that his friend could watch him enter me. Judging from the way he was breathing, nearly grunting, I imagined that the excitement of the situation had him close to orgasm already.

This man was slowing down because he didn’t just want to rape me – He wanted to use me to my fullest and take as much pleasure from my body as he could, and busting his load right now wouldn’t accomplish that. I could see in his face that he was high off of the power, off of my surrender. His friend egging him on and using the word ‘rape’ only served to heighten the moment, but I felt that guilt was overpowering his arousal at this point.

“What are you waiting for man?”

“Fuck… man, this is intense.” They spoke like I wasn’t even there.

“Just fuck it! It wants to be fucked! Don’t you want to feel that juicy tranny cunt on your cock?” Camera man’s hips bucked involuntarily at his friend’s words, nearly penetrating me. The groan that left his lips as he stopped himself from entering my warm cunt shook me to my core.

Gruff man slid lower, his cock rubbing against my hip. They didn’t even bother restraining my arms anymore, knowing that I was completely at their mercy. “Look, if it cums for us, it wants it, right?” His nervous friend between my legs nodded. “Okay, let’s do it then!”

While his friend’s erection was still aimed against the entrance to my cunt, he examined my body, looking for the best way forward. My engorged little dick poked out of my cunt lips, proud, pink, and swollen. I gasped as he suddenly gripped it between his index finger and thumb, but then relaxed into it as waves of pleasure overwhelmed me. “Yeah, you like it when I jerk off your little thing, huh?” he asked while grinding his erection against my hip. I could feel his precum dribbling across my skin. “I bet you want to cum for us. I bet you want to be a good cockslut for us. Your cunt is telling me you want to take our cocks. Tell me. Say it.”

I looked at him incredulously, unable to form any words. Of course part of me wanted to shout for him to fuck off, or scream and call the cops. Yet another part, the part overwhelmed with pleasure, reminded me that despite my past behavior or any beliefs about myself, I’ve always been a slut at my core. This defining moment awakened a truth within me. The truth was that I was made to be used, fucked, thrown around, and dehumanized, all for the pleasure of others. I knew in my heart that these men would be the first of many to abuse me.

As I had that realization, my assailant continued to rub my little dick in a miniature jerk-off motion, bringing me close to the brink as all of my suppressed slutty needs were brought to the front of my mind. Suddenly, he roughly pinched my dick, crushing it between two fingers. I struggled to pull away, but bucking my hips just impaled my cunt on his friend’s cock, filling me with another source of intense sensation. “Just fucking cum you disgusting little whore. You should be happy I’m touching you at all.”

As the walls of my cunt squeezed him, the guy inside of me groaned. The pleasure of using me overwhelmed all of his reservations as he began to pound my cunt with reckless abandon. When his friend pinched me again and twisted my engorged clit hard, it sent me over the edge. My wimpers turned to whorish moaning as my legs twitched, toes curled, and cunt pulsed all over my rapist’s cock. “Fuuuck yes, you were made to be raped, you fucking slut.”

The guy fucking me bottomed out in my cunt and began to moan, and I realized with horror as his cock twitched inside of me that he was cumming in me unprotected. A stranger was dumping his seed into my whore cunt, and I didn’t even know his name. This fact, along with the feeling of warm cum hitting the depths of my cunt, brought me to orgasm once again, milking every last drop of his load directly into my unprotected womb. Looking at his face, I knew that he was using my body to get off; He didn’t care for me as a person at all, only as a sleeve for his cock. After several minutes of intense orgasm, he rolled off of me, his thick load dripping from my soaking wet cunt to drip down my asshole.

The gruff voiced guy scrambled up to straddle my face, the head of his thick cock pointed straight at my face. “You’re a desperate tranny whore and you got what you deserve,” he said while jerking his cock. “You want another load of cum, slut? Yeah, you want my cum all over your whore face?” I nodded and opened my mouth, sticking my tongue out like a good cum slut. “Take it bitch!” The first rope of his cum hit my left cheek, the second across my left eye, and the third onto my upper lip and tongue. I savored the tangy taste of a stranger’s load, licking my lips to take in as much as I could.

The two men, their arousal satisfied, were hit with the realization that they might be caught at any moment. The one on my chest wiped his softening cock off on my right cheek, then finally made eye contact. I was exhausted, totally used, and covered in cum on both ends. I could see excuses running through his head. “Let’s get out of here, dude!” I closed my eyes as he stood up and walked over to his friend. Listening to their footsteps, they seemed to jog away. I was left alone in the sand, thoroughly used and covered in cum.

After a few minutes contemplating my fate, I stood up and tenderly walked into the sea. My first experience as a free use whore had left me a lot to think about, and as I washed my body, I considered the ways this encounter would change my life.

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