Lending a Hand: TF Erotica

Reading Time: 3 minutes

This erotic story contains elements of nonconsent and reluctance. This is not an endorsement of non-consensual sexual activity, but a work of fantasy and fiction.

You hear a frantic, familiar knock. When you open the door, your friend stands on the doorstep, fumbling with his clothes. He pushes past you into the house. He drops his shorts and a forearm-sized cock springs free. As you both stare, it twitches and grows another inch. “Help me! I can’t explain. It just keeps getting bigger!” You glance between his desperate face and massive cock. “It aches so much! Please, just…touch it!” Grabbing your wrist, he pulls you and places your hand on his impossibly thick shaft. Guttural groans escape his mouth.

“Fuck!” You see relief in him as you make contact. At first, he’s forcing you, but you quickly wrap your fingers and your other hand around his erection. As you jerk him off, he explains between gasps. “I think…it would help…if I came.” Precum dribbles to the floor. You stare at him, looking for a change in expression. Something pokes your stomach, and you both realize his cock has grown by nearly half a foot! “Damn!” He sounds more aroused than panicked at this point. Thinking for a moment, he locks eyes with you. “Just fucking suck it.”

Your friend grabs your shoulders and forces you to kneel. For a moment, there’s empathy in his eyes. “I know you want to help me. Just suck it, please. I’m soo close to cumming.” He thrusts towards your face, missing your mouth and smearing sticky precum across your cheek. “Dammit! Open!” His voice sounds almost monstrous. He grabs onto your neck and grinds his cockhead into your lips. After some struggle, you relent, but taking him into your mouth is like trying to swallow a softball. Oblivious to your discomfort, he forces your jaw to its limits. Finally free to fuck your face, he eagerly humps your mouth with his giant cock. From this angle, you notice his testicles have also grown, as his melon-sized balls swing as he thrusts. As he somehow reaches the back of your throat, it becomes hard to breathe through your nose.

Survival instincts kick in, but he’s somehow become strong with this animalistic desire to fuck and cum. The cock in your mouth seems to have grown again, though it’s hard to judge from your perspective. As you begin to asphyxiate, it jerks hard in your mouth. “I’m gonna…!” Cum floods your mouth, immediately pouring down your throat. Your assailant lets up for a moment, throwing his head back with pleasure, and you seize the opportunity to escape his grasp. The moment you try to catch your breath, another shot of cum gushes onto your face and chest. In the absence of your mouth, he strokes his cock in a frenzy, encouraging several more loads to drench you. All you can do is take it, stunned by the circumstances, not to mention the minute without air. Maybe it’s over now. He said cumming would help, he seems to have peaked.

As the last cumshots drizzle onto your body, you wipe your face, ready for a laugh with your good friend about the wild night you just had. What an interesting story you two will tell at parties! Any minute now, his cock will shrink back to normal and everything will make sense! Weird. You notice his cock is still huge. You thought it’d be over now. As you take a closer look, his cock suddenly doubles in size, slapping you hard and knocking you onto your back. He walks forward and stands over you, flashing a bestial grin. He’s already hungry for more.

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