Having Trouble Describing Your Fursona? Start Here!

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If you don’t have a visual idea of your fursona in mind, it can be difficult to get started, especially because of the focus on art in the furry subculture. You also might find it difficult to write a description for an artist because you don’t know where to get started. These questions can help you begin a description of your ‘sona. From there, you can start to parse out what resonates with you.

An example that answers all of these questions can be found below.

  • What species is your fursona?
  • What aspects of this species resonate with you?
  • How might your ‘sona differ from others of their species?
  • Describe their personality in three words.
  • What gender is your fursona? What genitals and secondary sexual characteristics like breasts or body hair do they have?
  • How old is your ‘sona? Do they have any features that relate to their age?
  • What build do they have? Why do they have this build?
  • How anthro is your ‘sona? For example, do they have animalistic feet and paws or human-shaped hands and feet?
  • What aesthetic styles inspire your fursona? For example, shojo anime, 90s Western cartoons, Pokemon, Beanie Babies, Studio Ghilbi, and so on.
  • If your fursona was in a piece of media, what would the general environment be? E.g., modern-day NYC, cyberpunk Japan, or Pokemon’s Unova region.
  • Do they wear clothes? If so, describe their general style in a few words. E.g., minimalist high fashion, monochromatic gothic lolita, or silver full-plate armor.
  • Do they wear any animal-related accessories such as a collar or blinders? Why?
  • How does your ‘sona hold themselves in social situations? Are they confident, shy, distracted, selfish, apathetic, or something else?
  • Is there anything else an artist needs to know about your fursona?

Biscuit is a stuffed animal of a lemon beagle dog. The floppy ears and plushie body proportions are important to me, while a realistic snout or paws are unimportant. Biscuit is playful, sweet, and adorable. My fursona has no gender or genitals, although he uses he / him pronouns. My ‘sona has the huge expressive eyes and playfulness of a puppy. Biscuit has the proportions of a mascot costume with long arms, wide hips, and stubby legs. He is not very anthropomorphic; His only humanlike aspects are his general body shape. Otherwise, his hands are mitten-shaped like a stuffed animal or mascot costume, and his feet are large, pawshaped, but without individual toes.

Biscuit’s aesthetic is heavily inspired by the Littlest Pet Shop line of figurines and stuffed animals, especially drawing from the huge adorable eyes. Biscuit does not wear clothes regularly, largely because he is a stuffed animal, but if he did, it might be exaggerated doll clothes that someone managed to put on him. Biscuit can be seen wearing a loose grey leather dog color with a black D-ring. He also wears an oversized pink bow on his head and has a yellow, imperfectly shaped heart sewn on his chest. Biscuit is confident, expressive, and extremely friendly, much like a mascot at a theme park.

For comparison, here is my most recent reference sheet:

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