A Plushification Request

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I originally posted this as an audio porn request on /r/GoneWildAudio, and I thought it may be useful to keep here. It illustrates my desires regarding plushification extremely well and might be the topic of a future post.

[Request] [A4M] Lovingly turn me into a plushie, tell me I’m cute, and optionally use me to get off [Transformation] [Plushification] [Nullification] [Long Post!]

Hello! I super appreciate you checking out my request. I will say that I have specific and somewhat uncommon kinks and desires, so I’ve thought about these things a lot. This has gotten pretty long. I’ve made it into a FAQ to make it as skimmable as possible, so I hope that helps

First, some general information:

  • I am a trans man. I’m enthusiastically pansexual, so anyone call fill this request
  • The transformation and praise turns me on. If you decide for whatever reason not to include the directly sexual elements, I will still enjoy it greatly.
  • An ideal length would be 5+ minutes. 
  • As a plushie, I am a lemon beagle plushie with a pink bow on my head and a yellow heart on my chest. Importantly, all of my features are made of minky fabric. An anthro version of this can be seen here. While I am very pretty and may have orifices, as a plushie I have no gender.
  • I am a big fan of Mommy or Daddy types, although I don’t like those titles; I enjoy a loving, nurturing and occasionally teasing tone.


How are you transforming me?

The method could be anything you imagine: witch’s magic, a potion, a science experience, and so on. I prefer a description of the process, especially me shrinking, my skin turning to perfect and colorful minky, my mouth sealing, and my cunt, asshole, and optionally my mouth either disappearing or changing into fleshlight-like “fuck holes.”

The big appeal of that last factor is a nullification kink. Nullification is a fantasy kink where a person’s genitals are eliminated harmlessly, usually by magical means. The person is therefore either unable to experience pleasure and orgasm or able to experience a degree of pleasure, but not orgasm. Basically, nullification is a logical extension of chastity play in a fantasy realm.

How do I react to the transformation?

I would be overwhelmed with sensation, either erotic or non-erotic. I would also be filled with joy. Including a reaction to that is ideal.

What tone should you use?

I would like you to sound happy, perhaps amused. You might feel powerful as you enact your will onto me. If you are leading to explicit sexuality, you might be aroused by the process.

Why are you transforming me?

There are several options. Generally, I would like it to be some type of power exchange where you decide I would be more useful as a stuffed animal. Perhaps you have a desire for a cuddle partner that doesn’t expect anything in return. Maybe you’ve decided that I’m too stressed and ought to calm down with a weekend (or life!) with no expectations other than to look cute. Alternatively, you might have a lot of pent up sexual energy and need something convenient to masturbate with. Another idea I’ve had in mind is maybe you are turning me into a gift to give your partner, and before you hand me over, you spend some time admiring me.

What is your relationship to me?

You could be my romantic partner, my Dom or Domme, or a very close friend. I would like it to make sense that you have enough control over to me that when you decide I need to be plushified, I agree whole-heartedly.


What sort of things would you say to me?

Anything that emphasizes how cute, perfect, and soft I am! Other elements might include how small I am compared to you and or other items. I also would be squishy, so you might talk about how pillow-like I am. One element that would be very arousing to me and also make it easier to talk out loud is the idea that you can sense how I’m feeling and thinking in a very limited way, perhaps only when I feel extreme emotions or mentally shout. You might point out with a comforting tone that I can’t talk or move and that my face is always a perfect, embroidered smile. Referring to me with object pronouns (“it”) would be so fantastic.

Do not call me sexy. I am not sexy, I am cute. If I have them, even my fuck holes are cute. In the case you are planning on doing sexual stuff with me, it’s *because* I’m irresistibly adorable.

What actions might you do with me?

Anything you might do with a plushie! You might cuddle me, pet me, or use me as a pillow. A big favorite of mine is being kissed on the face with “big smoochie kisses”, as in kisses that make the kissy noise. This would be good for audio.

How would you reference my humanity?

Emphasize that my life is so much better now! All I have to do is sit there and look adorable. I make you so happy! With a happy or slightly mischievous tone, perhaps you mention that this transformation was initially intended to be temporary, but seeing how cute, happy, perfect, etc I am, you’ve decided to make it permanent. You also could say that I’m so useful this way and that I’m very good at being a plushie. Something that is absolutely required is that idea that I will be taken care of, and therefore, I exist for the person that cares for me.

Explicit Sex

Why might you have sex with me as a plushie?

I’m just so damn cute! You might be aroused by my appearance, conveniently think of me when you’re looking to get off, or both!

One aspect that could be great if done well is the idea that you’re lonely and being around me as a plushie makes you happy. Maybe a one-sided romance develops and emerges into sexuality, or perhaps you turn to me out of desperation. In this case, this situation *must* become happy and optimistic at some point. No bummers!

Any genitals: How would you have sex with me as a plushie?

So, that depends on what features you’ve decided I have. If I am a standard plushie, you might rub your genitals against my soft minky fur. Please mention how soft it is, ideally also mentioning that it is minky. Talking about how great I feel against your genitals would be super amazing. Please describe holding me in your hands or wrapping your arms around me. You could move me around into any position you want, including positions that humans might find uncomfortable. One position that I like a ton is humping. This could be face up or face down, on my crotch or my face. Any way is great!

Also, acts that feel a lot like you are just masturbating using me as a toy are very objectifying. Optionally, you might I’m preferable over other partners because I am a plushie. I would love it if you mentioned that I exist to be cute and give you pleasure. If you can, groans and moans would be appreciated.

How would intercourse work?

If you’ve decided I have fuck holes, things are pretty straightforward. They’re magic, so they’re self-lubricating, of course. Please talk about how tight my holes are and how they’re perfect to get you off. I would prefer if you cum on my body.

DO NOT CUT ME OPEN TO FUCK ME. Please do not damage me in any way.

Penis orgasm?

If you have a cock, you can describe cumming anywhere on me, although face and crotch are favorites. I loooove descriptions of cum using words like “load” and “thick.” Telling me how bad I want it is great.

Vagina orgasm?

If you have a pussy, I would love it if you talk about how wet you’re getting and how your juices are getting everywhere on me! When you cum, describe me as “soaked,” please.

How do I react to sex?

I’ve been nullified, so while I am mentally super turned on by the situation, but I am not be able to feel physical pleasure. I definitely cannot orgasm. Perhaps you could tease me about that, mentioning that only you get to cum now. I would feel very used and objectified.

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